Life Coach Cost

Life Coach CostHow much does a life coach cost?

Based on my years of study and experience – and given the big changes you will make to your life – I’m sure you’ll agree that my life coach costs are very reasonable. I have a number of options to help you budget and keep costs affordable.

Individual Sessions

£55.00 per session, payable in advance.

Block of 8 sessions, payable in advance (10% discount) £395.00

Care Packages

If you would like more intense support, you can opt for the following care package:

8  weekly one-hour face to face sessions

8  30-minute weekly phone calls

8  Uniquely tailored hypnotherapy and relaxation recordings for you to use at home and yours to keep. This is an extra boost and an opportunity to work with your unconscious mind to get you the results you want quickly.

£795.00, payable in advance (10% discount).



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