Life Coaching For Men

Let's help you rediscover inner well-being

You’re probably here because you’re stressed and struggling, whether this is due to home life, your work, your social situation or lifestyle. If your relationship is your particular struggle, I have included a section specifically for this below.


It’s difficult to be a man sometimes. Although society views are changing, you may well be suffering from the out-dated views of times gone by! That men have to provide, do the running, achieve, succeed, get it right, be the strong and the brave one. It’s all sort of wired into the DNA.

Thing is, you might not feel like any of this, yet feel you have to conform. You may feel you have to fit in to certain environments that aren’t comfortable to you, such as the corporate world, or more ego dominated “manly” environments.

This “man’ definition is a generalisation and so untrue, you’re unique and don’t fit in to a one size fits all.

The struggle of trying to be something you believe you should be creates an internal conflict and will leave you feeling miserable. A sense of contentment eludes you and you feel you always have something to prove.

Take this for example; being here, do you feel discomfort in reaching out for help? This is also a society falsehood, that men sort things out on their own. But, why should you? The Y chromosome didn’t come with a life manual, how to resolve any problem you come across.

It’s perfectly acceptable, it would seem, to look after your car, to service it regularly and get it fixed when it’s not working as it should. You wash it and clean it and regularly put in fuel when you expect it to move. Yet you, yourself don’t give this much attention to yourself. A lump of metal it appears has more value!

So if your engine is not running smoothly (life). Or if the radiator is spluttering and causing a problem (your mind), get a service! It makes total sense to do this.

It can feel hard to pull against the grain, from what you believe to be “normal” but this is a ‘hard’ worth smashing through. Your uniqueness is a gift. A gift you have been returning so far, unopened.

So whether you struggle with communication, expressing yourself, being heard or feeling at a total loss about what you can do, I can help.

Standing strong in your own convictions and learning to fully accept yourself, to give yourself the attention you need is the most important thing that you can do.

Because when you do this you carry a new confidence and strength that you project to those around you. This also empowers others, gives your children (whether they are small or adults) the freedom to also be themselves. 

It leaves your partner feeling supported and trusting in your presence. 

At work, others will listen and take guidance from you. Honouring your requests and you feel a new respect from everywhere as you finally respect yourself.

Embracing who you are ironically gives you all of the qualities you previously thought you “should” have, the strength and the power. Good, eh?

Let’s work together in a way that suits you. I’m not even going to ask what you’re thinking. Well ... I might ☺

Give me a call for your free 30 minute chat. Let’s discuss the way forward.


Do you feel like you just can’t get anything right? You want to make your partner happy but whatever you do seems to have the opposite effect?

Do you feel confused that she says one thing but then it seems, she apparently meant something else completely?

Does all that emotion make you want to withdraw and leave the country?

Men and women are wired so differently that this causes nightmares in relationships. That is, until you learn some important and easy skills that turn communication into a dream.

If you want to turn the battlefield into a harmonious place, more like the man cave you would retreat to, then let’s not talk about emotions. Let’s practically resolve this in a way that makes sense and is simple to do.

Men and women speak different languages and luckily I have a phrase book. Only joking but I do have something much better. A new understanding of how our different brains are wired. This sheds so much light onto what has previously been a dark and dangerous place to be avoided.

Even better is that this is a comedy sketch that you will really be able to relate to. Ready for a laugh? You can get it here...

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