Life Coaching for Women

Become the strong and empowered woman that you really are

All that emotion!

I feel your pain. It’s all so confusing when your head is going at a 100 miles per hour, moving from one thing to another and growing a list of things you need to do, worry about or resolve. Going backwards and forwards over concerns, feeling anxious or being fed up and never resolving any of it. My life coaching for women is here to help.

Everyone is pulling at you for your attention, what about your needs? The emotions run from sad to angry, to irritated then anxious. Feeling uptight and all with an underlying current of stress.

It’s all a long round of emotion, and you just want a rest from it all.

Just for good measure, we’ll throw in some hormones to confuse you a bit more, give you belly ache, make you feel really crappy and the world and everything in it has suddenly become the most irritating thing … ever!

My life coaching for women approach reminds you of the strong and empowered woman that you really are

If over-analysing and negativity has taken you over and your mind is like a washing machine on spin, I can help. If your emotions are as unstable as an earthquake, running out of control with no sense of balance, I can help.

If the demands on your time and attention mean a constant juggling act of organisation and getting things done, I can help.

Being overtaken by your thoughts and/or by emotions impacts your life negatively. The inner frustrations mean you’re not always available to your kids, feeling snappy and on edge. Then you feel horrendously guilty because this is not the way you want to be. Your partner becomes unsure of what to do to help and may well retreat, creating another source of annoyance for yourself.

You’ll be tired and drained and now more emotional, your stress levels soar and you become lost in it all.

To have control over your emotional state is the best thing ever. I also once thought that this wasn’t possible but it is. This isn’t to say that emotion stops, no, it means that it visits and you choose whether it stays.

It’s like a knock on the door and when you answer, there stands Mrs Irritated, the neighbour from over the road. She’s full of negativity, doom and gloom. You can stand and chat and focus your energy and attention there or you can just say “no thanks’ and shut the door.

The power of choice! This means that you choose to be more relaxed and you’re empowered to manage your own internal state of being.

This gentler and kinder feeling inside generates the connections you want with others. Your relationship improves. You’re more open and available with the kids and can spend quality time with them.

Your performance and enthusiasm at home and at work improves, as you feel better within yourself and you have more energy. Colleagues and friends notice how much more peaceful you are.

You can begin to enjoy the things you do rather than everything feeling like a chore. Your mind quietens as you learn to release the negativity. Bliss!

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