Spiritual Development Coach

Find a true connection to yourself

Are you wondering who you are? What’s life about? What is your purpose?

If you are, then this is most definitely for you, because you are not who you think you are.

The most purposeful and rewarding thing that you can do in your lifetime is to enter this portal, a new world of different perceptions. A new understanding of who you really are.

You live in a very mind dominated society. Human beings have become consumed by mental activity and noise, to a point of madness.

You know that voice in your head? The one that judges, tells stories and runs commentaries. The one that has imaginary arguments with people who have upset you. Yes, that one!

Eckhart Tolle tells a story of being on the tube in London on his way to the University where he was studying. As he entered the tube he was surprised to see vacant seats where there would normally be none.

People were avoiding a woman who was sat there having a heated discussion and argument. She was alone. She was angry and offended as she spoke out loud to someone who had clearly upset her.

He left the tube at the same station as this woman and followed behind her, as they appeared to be going in the same direction. He was fascinated to watch her enter the doors of the same University Library as him. He considered whether she was a student or member of staff. Maybe she was someone’s project for research.

He forgot about this as he continued his day. Later on that day he was washing his hands and looking into the mirror of the toilets, aware of another man beside him. The incident of that morning came into his mind and he thought “I hope I don’t end up like her”.

The man beside him lifted his head in surprise and glanced over as he realised he must have said this out loud. He thought, “I’m like her already.”

The only difference to speaking out loud, what looks like madness, is that you do this internally. As does everyone.

The thinking mind is an amazing tool, yet for some reason through generations, it has taken over you and is using you rather than you using it.

The majority of people don’t even know that this is the case, believing that the content of their mind is just who they are. This is not true. There is far more to you than that.

On saying this, I wouldn’t want you to think that your mind is your enemy, far from it. Your mind can be the greatest ally and friend when used in a more beneficial way. You just hadn’t realised before that this is an option.

You don’t have to try to stop your mind or control what goes on in there to find who you are because you won’t find you within your mind.

It’s been scientifically proven that we are made from electro-magnetic energy so you are an energetic being as well as a physical one.

This breaks the illusion that you’re just a meat-covered skeleton, made from stardust and living on a rotating planet.

You’re constantly emitting energy and receiving it. Think of the ability to walk into a room and feel an atmosphere. This is a small example of how you automatically feel energy imprints from others.

This is a massive subject and if you’re ready to explore the depths of your true self, and want to learn how to connect with that, you won’t want to miss this.

You may have heard that what you are looking for is right there; it has been all of the time. It’s never left you but you haven’t been able to see it. 

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