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The clothes are piling up in the wardrobe, you hope that one day they will fit you again, or maybe like I did, you just keep wearing them, the ones that are so tight you can hardly breathe. You won’t give in and buy anything the next size up. This would mean defeat.

“I really need to lose some weight” becomes your mantra, it’s affecting your wellbeing and you’re not feeling great about yourself. You’ve started to feel embarrassed and you may well hate your body.

The thought of going swimming, going to the gym or holidays is so uncomfortable and you just want to cover up. Maybe you think that other people are judging you and it’s making you miserable.

You’ve tried loads of stuff, diets, self-help and even Doctor Google. You have had great intentions but nothing seems to work, it feels so hard to do anything about it. There’s that little voice that seems to encourage you towards the fridge, to reward yourself after a hard day with a “go on, you deserve it”.

There’s a part of you that wants to change this. Then, there’s that other part, the one that’s determined to undermine you and stops things changing.

So, it’s affecting your mood, you’re feeling low and losing confidence. It’s affecting your family life as you have less energy and the stress and frustration causes you to lash out.

If you want to feel good about you, if you want to get yourself back in shape, to get that confidence oozing, read on.

How about a more relaxed experience, where you feel healthy, have more energy and can get engaged with your life again? Losing that guilt over not being there enough for your family. Feeling more motivated again and getting things done with ease?

If the thought of exercise is as exciting to you as watching paint dry then this will be right up your street because I’m not going to talk to you about food or exercise. You know all about this stuff already. Result eh!

I’m going to talk to you about the real problem.

You see gaining weight is just a symptom! The excess of food or resistance to exercise is not the actual issue. To try and resolve these things is like putting a sticking plaster on a broken leg.

I’m more interested in helping you with the broken leg.

It’s the underlying core problem that will have you struggling with willpower and fighting your way to change. It’s this issue that means motivation is fleeting and old patterns quickly kick in again after a few days of a new diet.

If you want to know what’s causing this problem and what you can do to kick-start the ‘New You Transformation’, click below. Don’t miss this!

Weight Loss Coach

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