Hi lovely, I’m Jan and I’m here to help you discover the key to change.

To help you to find resolution and peace… and the key to that is YOU!

You can, you know! Let’s get going.

Need some help?


So you’re stuck, struggling and wishing you weren’t feeling the way that you do. I get it, I really do.

Isn’t it frustrating when you just can’t get to the bottom of a problem and sort yourself out? All that thinking and analysing and still nothing changes. There’s a reason this is happening and you are perfectly normal with this. You just can’t get inside your own thoughts and beliefs and turn them around, hard as you try. You need an external perspective and new ways of viewing things first.

I have a wealth of experience to turn problems on their head, getting you out of stuck and in the direction you want to move in instead.

If you are looking for someone who has your back, someone who has your best interests at heart and wants your development as much as you do then you are in the right place. I’m someone that knows about your possibility for change and growth even if you don’t yet.

A Transformation coach is your go to person for support and encouragement, someone on your side and guiding you to resolution, a peaceful mind and balanced emotions.

Ready? Let’s get started.

Coronavirus and working online


In the current client, you may be overwhelmed, anxious or stressed in many different ways.

Navigating the way forwards doesn’t have to be fraught with fear or worry.

You can get the help that you need as phone and online appointments are still available. Face to face online is easy so don’t be put off with worry over anything technical (I do that bit).

So, who am I?

It’s ok to want to know everything you can in making a decision to transform your life. This is important! You are important and you need to know that someone has got you safely covered, supported and encouraged. Find out about me and why I do what I do … the drama filled life that led to the best job ever 🙂

Work With Me


It’s so important that you are reassured and confident in your choice when you have decided to get support and help to live your best life.

You can read here about the most frequently asked questions. If there is something you want to know and it’s not covered here, please just ask.


There is no need to continue suffering. 


I know you don’t want this for yourself and I don’t want it for you either.

Come on in, let’s get this thing sorted so you’re living the more peaceful life that you’re supposed to be living.

What to do if you’re feeling crappy

What to do if you’re feeling crappy

First off …. Stop the overthinking ..it’s not working is it? Has it given you the results or the clarity that you’ve been looking for? Does constant analysis resolve the pain? Take a deep breath and let’s look at what’s happening here and what you can do about it....

Navigating your way through the current threat of Coronavirus

Navigating your way through the current threat of Coronavirus

Everyone is having to do things differently right now and that’s ok. No, it’s not, I hear you shout but it really is. Fighting against what “is” is what causes turmoil, not the actual event itself. Adjusting to new norms is totally possible and can be done peacefully...

Are you lacking motivation?

Are you lacking motivation?

Motivation is described as the driving force behind your actions. This is great when you have power to that engine but what happens when the petrol runs out and the engine stops? It’s common to become unmotivated when you don’t enjoy every day life. When hard work...

What my lovely clients say …

Thanks Jan, right from the beginning it felt ‘right’. You provided a generous mix of warmth, humour and empathy, where I felt a valued sense of acceptance, all of which allowed me to feel safe to explore my issues and the impact they were having on me.



“I wanted to thank Jan for helping me through quite a dark period in my life, and would gladly recommend this wonderful person’s services to everyone



Having used Jan personally, I can highly recommend her as a practitioner. The sessions are in an appropriate, purpose built, confidential environment and Jan is entirely professional and ethical in practice.


I can honestly say seeing Jan and her sessions have changed my life.

She was warm, friendly, welcoming and most importantly positive with a “solutions”-based approach.

I left my first session feeling happy, optimistic and confident she could help me work through my issues.



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