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Creating Your Internal Environment for Success.

I’m inviting you to fulfil your dream. What is it that you want?


How about a 5 day mini programme to help you to create what its that you want? Yes, it’s free and this will help you to move forwards and tap into your potential.

Whether you have a goal in mind, something you want to achieve or whether you have a problem to resolve. Maybe you just want to be happy, to stand up for yourself of feel good about who you are. Whatever your struggle, this is for you :

I’m teaching you about where all change happens and where your solutions lie .. and it’s a lot closer to home than you could have imagined.

I’m going to be teaching you about :

 Cultivating confidence to create your dream.

✅ Missing motivation and sitting in a slump.

  Are you being sabotaged by your own self talk?

 Creating your dream – The steps to take that actually work.

How to access your own potential to be in control of how you feel and about what happens for you in your world.

  How to be happy.

 Big stuff that shifts and transforms your world. This will be delivered to your inbox every day for 5 days. Enlightening, fun videos to help you to create the shifts that you want.

There’s no obligation whatsoever, a gift from me to you.

Jan xx

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Need some help?


So you’re stuck, struggling and wishing you weren’t feeling the way that you do. I get it, I really do.

Isn’t it frustrating when you just can’t get to the bottom of a problem and sort yourself out? All that thinking and analysing and still nothing changes. There’s a reason this is happening and you are perfectly normal with this. You just can’t get inside your own thoughts and beliefs and turn them around, hard as you try. You need an external perspective and new ways of viewing things first.

I have a wealth of experience to turn problems on their head, getting you out of stuck and in the direction you want to move in instead.

If you are looking for someone who has your back, someone who has your best interests at heart and wants your development as much as you do then you are in the right place. I’m someone that knows about your possibility for change and growth even if you don’t yet.

A Transformation coach is your go to person for support and encouragement, someone on your side and guiding you to resolution, a peaceful mind and balanced emotions.

What to do next

Your paracetamol for overwhelm


If it’s all too much and you just don’t know where to start the last thing you need is a lot of information to read through and think about.

Don’t worry, head on over here where I’ve got something for you to quickly sort this out.

Wanna know more?


Relationship Struggles?


If there are difficulties with your partner and your significant relationship, I’ve got just the thing for you.

Lots of articles, help and advice, you can head straight on over here …..


Your work and Career

Are you standing in your own power in the workplace? It’s so important that this starts to happen and now!

Work takes up of a lot your life and your time is valuable. Why would you want to spend it worrying, stressed or upset?

Whether you’re dealing with difficult people, not feeling good enough in your role or stressed that you can’t seem to speak up and say what you want to say.

This environment is going to kick off all sorts of angst that you could really do without.

Dive in here and let’s get this stuff kicked to the curb.

Ready for action without reading further? You can get going straight away by contacting me here …….

Working online


No matter where you are you can get the help that you want and need, all without having to leave your own house, what a bonus!

Either on the phone or online, you can stay comfy in your pyjamas with a cuppa. How good is that.

Same help, and the same results as face to face, yet without the travelling.

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What my lovely clients say ….


Thanks Jan, right from the beginning it felt ‘right’. You provided a generous mix of warmth, humour and empathy, where I felt a valued sense of acceptance, all of which allowed me to feel safe to explore my issues and the impact they were having on me.




“I wanted to thank Jan for helping me through quite a dark period in my life, and would gladly recommend this wonderful person’s services to everyone.



Having used Jan personally, I can highly recommend her as a practitioner. The sessions are in an appropriate, purpose built, confidential environment and Jan is entirely professional and ethical in practice.



I can honestly say seeing Jan and her sessions have changed my life.

She was warm, friendly, welcoming and most importantly positive with a “solutions”-based approach.

I left my first session feeling happy, optimistic and confident she could help me work through my issues.



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