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Anxiety Relief



Anxiety is defined as a feeling of unease such as worry or fear.

The reality is being on edge, not being able to relax, with a head that just won’t stop thinking negative, painful and bothersome thoughts. This has just got to go!

Anxiety is a future focused problem, the gap between now and the future, whether that be later on today or next year. And all times in between.

It’s a thinking problem. Persistent and negative thoughts that plague you like a woodpecker tapping away at your head.

Anticipating what’s going to happen, what could happen and catastrophising events that haven’t occurred.

Feeling tense and stressed like this is a very painful way to live and it impacts your life in many hidden ways. Such as:

  • Poor sleep. Trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep. Waking up feeling sluggish.
  • Feeling drained and tired. It’s exhausting to be so busy in your head maintaining anxiety.
  • Not doing what you want to do. There will always be a reason to create an excuse as to why it’s not a good idea.
  • Unhappiness and low moods.
  • Low resilience to any change or difficulty. You’re too full up on all that you worry about and there is not space left. Anything additional and you’re likely to collapse into negative emotions and feel unable to cope.
  • Irritation and anger. A well of negative emotions that sit under the surface build and then explode into snapping and anger.
  • Unmotivated.
  • Unproductive and putting things off. Then beating yourself with a stick as to why you don’t do stuff.
  • Low self esteem. Doubting yourself and questioning yourself. A lot of negative self talk that creates more negative emotions.
  • Unable to enjoy family time.
  • Work can be a struggle.
  • Headaches and painful body tension.

To name but a few symptoms.


Getting it sorted



The Cure for Anxiety

Is anxiety something you’re just helpless against? Is it in your genes?

Are you plagued with “What If?” Questions?


A Quick Fix



It can get so overwhelming can’t it?

You havent got the space to work things out, you havent got the time, the energy or the brain power. What you need is an instant remedy to calm you down, get some balance and much needed relief.

Here it is :


Where the work is needed



You can become very caught up in the symptoms of anxiety. You can become consumed by the emotional impact to the point of paralysis. It’s awful.

But this is all caused by an internal behaviour. Yes, anxiety is a behaviour. You won’t know how you’re doing this because it all lies at an unconscious level.

Bring it to your awareness though and you then have a huge amount of choice. Learning what it is, how to do things differently and how to take control of you.

This is not something that you are helpless against, although yes it feels like it right now.

The behaviour and the symptoms are not the point where change is needed. Work is needed at the higher level shown on the diagram, of beliefs/values and Self identity. Do this and you remove the symptoms.


Need more help?

You don’t have to be on your own anymore with this. If you want help you can contact me here:


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