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You’re qualified for the job, you wouldn’t have got it otherwise. Everyone else thinks you’ve got things under control, that you know what you’re doing and you’re confident about all of it.

Inside is a whole different story though isn’t it?

There’s this weight of expectation on your shoulders to perform, to get it right only you don’t ever feel like it’s enough, you don’t feel like you’re enough!

So much headroom is taken up with worry and anxiety over whether you’ll be found out, almost like you’re an imposter in this role. A role that you’re just not comfortable in your own skin with.

Looking around everyone else seems confident in what they’re doing, you couldn’t possibly speak up about this and get help. What would people think? You believe they’re  all judging you anyway.

You feel such a failure, like you should be just getting on with things in a much better way. If only you were confident and sure , maybe then you wouldn’t be at home dreading Mondays and having to deal with the bosses and this heavy situation.

How is it that you always need to learn more, there’s always more to do to improve yourself? No matter what, you just never feel enough. The goalposts constantly move, chasing that time where you will just feel ok about who you are and what you’re capable of.

You can end up feeling stuck with this gaping hole inside of you. What is this and what can you do about it? The solution always seems just out of your reach.

It could well be that you were at the back of the queue when self esteem was being handed out… or more like the truth, you were taught a low self esteem. You haven’t yet learnt how to back yourself, give yourself the encouragement and the support you have always deserved.

The solution lies in a good old shake up of what you’ve been believing about yourself … guaranteed this is not as it should or could be! That pesky internal chatter that puts you down? That’s got to go!

Shall we put a stop to this stuff that suppresses, restricts, holds you back and causes you pain? Good idea huh?

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