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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Life Coach?

This is a label, or a title, that means different things to different people. Each Life Coach will have a unique style and way of working.

Generally, Life coaching has been referred to as a modern day counselling, offering:

  • Guidance and support
  • Empowerment – realising self worth and self belief
  • Improvement – Achieving the goal
  • Personal Development
  • Resolving the problem

A Life Coach can help with virtually any aspect of your life, personal or professional.

I work in a very pro-active way and provide new information, tools and skills that assist you in every area of your life.

I have the added benefit of being trained in NLP, (See Below) which gives an added dimension of being able to resolve limits and obstacles; the underlying causes of problems that may be with you from the past. This includes childhood conditioning, limiting beliefs, trauma and phobias. Wounds from your past can play out in the present and I can help you with this.

I feel uncomfortable about seeing a Life Coach, can you reassure me?

It’s natural to feel unsure, anxious or worried about reaching out for help. Some people describe feeling vulnerable at the thought of sharing their pain and difficulties. Especially when this is with someone that they don’t know yet. If you feel frightened about doing this or embarrassed, know that you’re not alone. Also know that you won’t be judged. You will be accepted just as you are.

I can guarantee that you will feel safe and  that you will feel comfortable. I can reassure you that I will assist you every step of the way.

Sorting out ‘stuff’ doesn’t need to be painful (it’s keeping it there that hurts). Sessions with me will be light-hearted, where appropriate and it’s my aim that you will always feel better after the session than before.

Read the testimonials to check out other people’s experience of sessions with me.

What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a very confusing title indeed!

It’s basically transformational, a vast toolbox of skills that work with the mind, moving you from where you are stuck or in pain, to the place that you want to be. It’s psychologically based, a way of understanding how the mind works and what causes problems. Of course, if you understand this then you can undo the problems.

The technical details are not so important because what you really need to know is, does it work? (Yes, of course). What does it involve? Will this be comfortable for you? All of which are covered below.

How do I choose a Life Coach?

It’s important that you work with someone that fits with you. After all, you’re sharing something valuable and that is you.

You want to invest in yourself but need to make sure that you’re going to get the results that you want and that you will feel comfortable in the process.

It’s overwhelming to be confronted with a list of people who can help but you don’t know any of them. So how can you be sure and choose?

Remember that a short conversation with someone will ease this feeling immensely as you can get a better idea about who that person is and what they’re about.

Contact the first 3 that you like the look of and have a chat. If you’re not sure what to say then explain this and then let them talk to you. I’ll include below the sort of questions you can ask.

Don’t be afraid to call and find out, it’s important to do this. Any decent therapist will not have a problem with this and will encourage it. Neither will they leave you feeling under any obligation to book an appointment if you’re not ready to.

It’s useful to note here that a Life Coach will need to feel the connection with you too.

Personally, I only work with the people who are a good fit for me. This is because it matters to me that I can give the best service and that you achieve the outcome that you want. If I felt it wasn’t right, I would encourage you to look for someone else.

Check out the Life Coach’s integrity:

  • What are they doing this type of work for?
  • Is their focus on you and your healing or are they talking about other things?
  • What are their views on long-term sessions?

It’s also good to ask: How they work, what is their approach?

People work in different ways. Some are actively engaged in providing new information, tools and skills, helping with the change process in an active way as I do.

Others avoid doing this, favouring an approach that helps you to find your own solutions from within yourself, more a listening type approach. Finding this out enables you to work out what would be the best approach for you.

  • Do you find this Life Coach trustworthy and likeable?
  • Are they warm? Friendly? Down to earth?

It’s important that your therapist be someone who you can trust, respect and like.

  • Do they ‘get you’? Do you feel understanding and empathy from them?
  • How available are they? Will they be able to work regularly with you and as often as you need?
  • How long would you have to wait for an appointment?

Make a note of how you feel immediately after the conversation. This is where I would urge you to trust your instinct. Your instinct often knows far better than the logical mind.

  • Did you feel uneasy?
  • Unsure?
  • Is there doubt?

Then, it’s a No.

  • Did you feel comfortable?
  • Did you feel like you could talk freely and open up?
  • Was there an easy flow to the conversation?

Then, it’s a Yes. Remember that you don’t have to commit yourself to months of working with someone. Book one appointment at a time if this feels more comfortable to you.

Try it out; it’s only an hour of your time to start with.

Where are you located?

Due to the current situation, I am offering sessions face to face online or on the phone.

I’m based in Halesowen in the West Midlands. Perfectly located within 10 minutes of Junction3 of the M5 and easy to find.

There is plenty of parking available on my drive.

Is the session confidential?

I work within a firm code of ethics and conduct. My mission is to facilitate the change that you want, as effectively and as quickly as possible. And always with respect, compassion and confidentiality.

All sessions, including telephone conversations and email will be conducted in confidence.

There are a few exceptions to this, which relate to your own protection, and are fully explained in the contract of services we complete.

You will note that the testimonials do not include a client’s full name.

What's your availability like?

Sessions book quickly but I will always make sure that I can fit you in within 48 hours of you contacting me for the first time. I limit the amount of clients I work with at any one time ensuring there will always be availability once you are booked in with me.

What happens during a session?

Sessions are very relaxed and light hearted where appropriate. I’m very solution focused so will guide you to your best outcomes.

We talk, we resolve, you learn and without you realising how, your perceptions change.

There may be obstacles, blocks or limiting beliefs from the past that you are unaware of. I will help you to uncover these. A look into your past can be helpful but we won’t stay there for long.

If things from the past are too uncomfortable, there are ways, with the help of NLP, for you to decrease the emotional charge so that you can comfortably review this.

I believe in education, helping you to learn more about yourself and have a greater understanding of your experience.

This is good in two ways, firstly it’s always fascinating to discover things you didn’t know about you. Secondly, this means that any problems that come up in the future you will have more tools to move through these yourself with more ease.

What I will offer you:
  • A safe, comfortable and protective environment in which to explore and resolve the things that you want to change. 
  • Support for your personal development and the utmost respect for who you are.
  • A wealth of new thoughts and perspectives that help you to create new behaviours, to then create the results that you want.
  • Transformational techniques (that will just feel like a chat) to discover the strong and capable person that you are.
  • Help to adopt new and positive beliefs that empower you.
  • Make the shift from problem to peace and restoring your confidence in the process .
  • Empathy and understanding as you find the real and authentic you. The ‘you’ that can choose how to feel.
  • Connecting with the powerhouse within you, the you that creates your experience and generates new learning and change
How many sessions will I need?

I recommend at least 8 weekly sessions to start with. You can review where you are in the process at any point, to think about what feels right to you.

Many of my clients feel at this point that they can extend to fortnightly sessions for a while until they are ready to stop.

It takes a few months to make headway into most problems. This isn’t always the case though, sometimes it’s 3 sessions, and sometimes it could take 20 or more. It really depends on what it is and what you need for yourself.

You always have the choice though. Timing is very important in any healing process and each person knows what is right for them instinctively.

I can guarantee you that I will work with you to reach your healing or goals in a quick a time as possible. I don’t believe that therapy should have to last years.

How long are the sessions?

50 minutes to 1 hour. 

Are all sessions in person?

Unfortunately not at the moment, I can work with you face to face online or on the telephone.

Who do you work with?

I work with adults who are ready for change. With people who are committed to making this happen and want to embrace the process. This need not be hard by the way; change comes from your unconscious mind so thinking your way through things is often unnecessary.

You will need to be accountable for your own experience and willing to take action. Then we will be a good fit.

This won’t be for you if someone else has persuaded you that you need to sort things out, unless you feel yourself that you want to do this.

This won’t be for you if you’re more worried about the cost than investing in your own happiness. I remember myself being at a point of readiness for change, where I had had enough of pain and struggle and was willing to do what it took to begin enjoying my life. That became more important to me than anything.

Isn’t it strange how people don’t automatically invest in their own well-being? All you have in any given moment is how you feel; this affects every aspect of your life. The most wonderful surroundings and having things the way you want them around you are effectively useless and unseen if you don’t feel good inside.

A new carpet or a new car, a night out or new clothes seem worthy of investment but what about you? Aren’t you the most valuable thing to invest in? You have to live with yourself 24 hours a day for a lifetime so look after YOU!

How much do you charge?

Sessions are 50 minutes to one hour long and cost £70.00.

A block of 8 sessions is available, payable in advance at £520 (£65 per session).

I’m a great believer in you get what you pay for. You can take a roundabout route and see someone for years or you can invest and spend a few months with me.

I also believe that that there is no greater investment than one that you make in yourself. If you’re not ok, then anything around you is also not ok. All the searching for external satisfaction will end up in disappointment if your internal world is not somewhere you are happy to be.

You can give me a call on 07889 651370 for a chat about how you can move forward or click below to send me a message.