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It’s important that you work with someone that fits with you. After all, you’re sharing something valuable and that is you.

You want to invest in yourself but need to make sure that you’re going to get the results that you want and that you will feel comfortable in the process.

It’s overwhelming to be confronted with a list of people who can help but you don’t know any of them. So how can you be sure and choose?

Remember that a half hour conversation with someone will ease this feeling immensely as you can get a better idea about who that person is and what they’re about.

Contact the first 3 that you like the look of and have a chat. If you’re not sure what to say then explain this and then let them talk to you. I’ll include below the sort of questions you can ask.

Don’t be afraid to call and find out, it’s important to do this. Any decent therapist will not have a problem with this and will encourage it. Neither will they leave you feeling under any obligation to book an appointment if you’re not ready to.

It’s useful to note here that a Life Coach will need to feel the connection with you too.

Personally, I only work with the people who are a good fit for me. This is because it matters to me that I can give the best service and that you achieve the outcome that you want. If I felt it wasn’t right, I would encourage you to look for someone else.

Check out the Life Coach’s integrity:

  • What are they doing this type of work for?
  • Is their focus on you and your healing or are they talking about other things?
  • What are their views on long-term sessions?

It’s also good to ask: How they work, what is their approach?

People work in different ways. Some are actively engaged in providing new information, tools and skills, helping with the change process in an active way as I do.

Others avoid doing this, favouring an approach that helps you to find your own solutions from within yourself, more a listening type approach. Finding this out enables you to work out what would be the best approach for you.

  • Do you find this Life Coach trustworthy and likeable?
  • Are they warm? Friendly? Down to earth?

It’s important that your therapist be someone who you can trust, respect and like.

  • Do they ‘get you’? Do you feel understanding and empathy from them?
  • How available are they? Will they be able to work regularly with you and as often as you need?
  • How long would you have to wait for an appointment?

Make a note of how you feel immediately after the conversation. This is where I would urge you to trust your instinct. Your instinct often knows far better than the logical mind.

  • Did you feel uneasy?
  • Unsure?
  • Is there doubt?
  • Then, it’s a No.
  • Did you feel comfortable?
  • Did you feel like you could talk freely and open up?
  • Was there an easy flow to the conversation?

Then, it’s a Yes. Remember that you don’t have to commit yourself to months of working with someone. Book one appointment at a time if this feels more comfortable to you.

Try it out; it’s only an hour of your time to start with.