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A lack of sleep leaves you unmotivated and feeling dreadful. It affects every aspect of your life, your head feels like mush and your body just doesn’t want to move. Making decisions becomes hard and the smallest of tasks can feel like you have to move a mountain.

Lying awake at night is so frustrating and you just want to sleep!

Guaranteed that your head will kick into gear as you lie there. All the problems you have or are ever likely to have will suddenly want to catch your attention or worries and stresses that keep in the background during the day now want a solution. Maybe you lie there worrying about the fact that you can’t sleep.

How you wish that you could make your head stop!

Don’t worry! There are solutions. In fact small changes can make a massive difference to sleep problems. The first one I can tell you about is this:

Avoid social media and use of your phone/laptop in bed. You may have heard this already but I want to explain why this is a priority.

Many don’t realise the impact on your mind when you scroll through your timeline as a way to relax before sleep.
If you could view it in a slightly different way, you’ll understand how this can really contribute to the problem.

So, you’re lying in bed and in walk 30 of your Facebook friends to your bedroom. (Picture this for a moment). Some sit on your bed and the others stand around looking at you.

They’re all saying something about what they’ve done that day, what their opinion is or asking you if you want to attend an event. They’ve also brought some news item with them, informing you that someone has died or there has been a disaster.

Yes! You may have thought that it’s only words on a screen but your mind is processing all of this information (and the energies that other people bring … not always positive ones).

The idea for sleep is to de-activate the mind not activate it to high levels of interest, interaction, fear or negativity. You can now probably see why this isn’t a good idea!

Other things that keep you awake, such as over thinking and worrying has its causes deeper within you and goes beyond the scope of this blog as this will be personal to you.

This can be resolved though so don’t let this get out of hand and become a bigger problem a few months down the road. You can call for a FREE phone consultation to begin to get this sorted on 07889 651370.