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Whatever it is that you’re struggling with or want to achieve, I can help. As a Life Coach and NLP Practitioner, my job is to assist you in removing any blocks and limitations that keeps you from realising your emotional freedom and potential.

Life can certainly be a challenge and everyone struggles at some point in their lives. It’s easy to think that it’s just you, that others seem to be ok. This is not the case; we just live in a society that hides the reality of difficulties and internal struggle. Whether this is emotional, physical or spiritual.

Are you ready to move forward now? To release the things that hold you back? Nothing is permanent yet you can think that a problem is stuck and won’t go away. I want you to know that it’s temporary and can be changed.

A shift in your perception of yourself, about life or the problem that you are experiencing is freeing, it really makes a huge difference.

Many people don’t realise the choice they have about how they feel or what they do. Many believe that ‘this it is just the way it is’, like those emotions and reactions to circumstances are something that have been handed out at birth.

These beliefs are in place because you haven’t been taught about your own power of choice, about internal balance. This is ok, because you can learn it now.

All change is an inner process; you can think that the problems are ‘out there’. If only that person was different or if only circumstances would change then everything would be better.

This leaves you at the mercy of external things, playing a waiting game, giving your power away in the hope that someone will do something or that this situation will change.

If you had no emotional upset about the problem you are experiencing, would it be a problem? Altering your perception and ideas about something transforms the emotional response to it.

Empowerment comes from realising that anything you change internally reflects outwardly in your life. The point of change and your emotional freedom lies within you.

How great is that?! You don’t need anything external to you to make the change that you seek.

If you are ready to explore these possibilities for yourself and you want to do this in a safe and comfortable environment then this is for you.

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Much love, Jan xx