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How are you living your life?

Is there something you want to change or do you want to feel better about the cirumstances that you’re in? Let’s look at both, starting with what you can change.

Changing what you can

Are you happy and enjoying life or is it a drudge? Do you feel content or are you feeling miserable and flat?

Did you know you have a choice? I know it certainly doesn’t seem that way when your head is telling you the story, “this is just the way it is”. You may be living out the story of your past, your upbringing, the circumstances of your early life or the expectations of others. You could believe that this is just what life has handed you.

This is not the case and your inner power for change, previously unknown to you, is definitely something that you will want to find out about.

What if you could choose how you feel about things? What if you could get that better job? Move to a nicer place? Move away from the people that bring you down?

that you feel confident about yourself, that you can get fit, lose weight and feel better about who you are.

Yes, this is absolutely an option for you.

Whatever it is that you are not liking about your life, consider this. You don’t have a life, you ARE life. You are an expression of life.

What you do have is a life situation, not permanent, not stuck but something changeable.

Really, all problems come down to stories you tell yourself about what’s possible and what’s not. What you believe about who you are and what life is.

Interested? Don’t stay stuck. One year from now what will have changed if you do nothing about it? A common misperception is that if you wait long enough things will sort themselves out.

Imagine living the same things out day after day, month after month. Grab the opportunity to shift things for yourself. Take control of what you want to achieve and make that all important first step.

All change occurs from the decision to not allow yourself to put up with ‘average’, to open you mind to no longer living small. Do you know that you deserve this? Do you know yet that you have a unique place in this world?

Claim your space and embrace your potential. Whether this is a change in career, to become happier in your relationship or to feel contented inside, whatever it is you want, decide now. Call for your free 30 minute consultation to power start what it is that you want.

Feeling better about the things that you can’t control

In life, there are some things that you can’t change but that doesn’t mean that you can’t change your perception of things. Changing your mind about what things mean can relieve you of distress, confusion and emptiness.

Being able to adjust your own emotional balance in a more positive way creates your sense of control and banishes the helplessness you may feel.

No one is in control of some of life’s circumstances, things just happen, horrible things that can feel difficult to deal with. Even the most challenging of circumstances can be relieved in some way with the smallest of perception changes.

You can re-define your sense of self within these situations, immediately relieving the pain of guilt and self blame for example. Maybe you’ve ended up feeling worthless or undeserving or a victim of life. This leaves you believing that you are helpless to climb out of the awful feelings.

Re-defining yourself in a more truthful way will set you free.

The intense sadness you experience when you lose someone close to you is a given of course, this will happen. There will be a huge change and adjustment process you move through. A secret I want to share with you though is that you don’t have to suffer.

Sadness and suffering are two completely different things.

Suffering comes from an internal process where you judge a situation to mean something in relation to yourself, such as “now this has happened, I can’t cope”. This belief will cause untold misery, fear and panic.

This is different to the intense sadness of missing someone or the physical adjustment in your life.

Most emotion, sensation and disturbance comes not from an external event but from your own internal processes. This is fantastic because it also means that within you is they key to relief, a way of coping much better, a way of moving towards a more peaceful way of experiencing things.

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