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Everyone is having to do things differently right now and that’s ok. No, it’s not, I hear you shout but it really is. Fighting against what “is” is what causes turmoil, not the actual event itself. Adjusting to new norms is totally possible and can be done peacefully with just one or two shifts in mindset.

The first one is a biggie and this is dealing with the imminent threat of death.. sounds quite harsh but when you consider the media storm right now they are pounding home death rates at every opportunity. It’s really in your face! They need to sell papers, what better way to do it than through fear.

This is not meant in any way to minimise the current circumstances, it’s important yes BUT perspective is needed.

It’s an awful situation for sure but bringing things back into a little clearer perspective is essential. Can you keep yourself safe? Can you take reasonable precautions? Then this is all you need to do.

The current mindset is definitely fear driven and the thought of going out can be like entering a war zone.

Can you view things a little more positively? By considering how you can start to move forward, when it’s allowed, in a safe way?

A friend of mine has had Covid-19 and was very poorly with it, she wasn’t  hospitalised thankfully and has since recovered. She was at home with her husband and son. She took precautions in terms of wiping surfaces down etc but neither her husband or her son caught it.

In the same house! Makes you think doesn’t it, that being cautious and taking the necessary measures, you can keep yourself safe.

Anxieties are normal, good days and bad days are to be expected as you adjust and process a highly unusual situation. Worrying about what things are going to look like in the future, when is it going to be over, if at all?

All you need to do is deal with today. Looking forward to what’s going to happen may be necessary if you’re going back to work, but once precautions are in place then there is no reason for further worry or stress.

Days in the future will deal with themselves.

There is no need to struggle and if further mind shifts are necessary then reach out for help. My lovely local clients had their own concerns about shifting to online or phone sessions. Being used to face to face, it all seemed a bit different. What would this be like? Would it be as effective?

I’ve worked online for a long time now so it’s all been normal for me and for them its all worked out beautifully because the transformations happen whether it’s face to face, on the phone or online. Same help, same mindset shifts, same relief when you ditch the issues and move into peace instead.

Whatever it is that causes you angst or worry, it’s time to stop it because you don’t have to keep it.

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