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Opt Out of Overthinking 

Creating clarity, initiating control and finding peace



I don’t need to tell you how bad this is making you feel. It can be relentless and overshadows every aspect of your life can’t it?

Let’s not make this thing any bigger by overthinking whether you should resolve your over thinking 🤨

I’m guessing you’re pretty good at giving yourself a hard time too so let’s not mess around and get this thing gone.

Here is a 4 week programme, with a special introductory discount of £20 (be quick, this is only available for one week).

Overthinking can leave you feeling you’re just faulty but I want to reassure you that there is nothing wrong with you! All that’s happening is that you’re in the passenger seat instead of the drivers seat when it comes to your mind.

This leaves you a victim of your own mind and what it does.

Not many realise that this can be different, thinking that it’s just the way they are and it’s something they have to live with. No, it’s not!

The choice you have right now is to continue as you are, and things will stay exactly the same or you take the step to prioritise yourself. To understand that how you’re feeling on a moment by moment basis affects every aspect of your life.

If you’re head isn’t a peaceful place then nothing out there will make you happy.

I’ve brought this together as so many of my clients and so many of you have asked for help with this most painful of issues. They have said enough is enough, I’m done with this struggle.

What can you expect when you work with me?

“Jan herself is of the highest integrity and guides you gently and supportively with the care, support and dedication that you absolutely need when dealing with this sort of thing.

She is so wonderful and knowledgeable, and you can feel her care and that she really has walked the walk and can resonate and support with the care that only someone who has experienced and come out of the other side can.”


“You taught me so much about myself and I am now so much more in control of my life thank you Jan you released me from my own torment.”


“I have to say I am in a much better place since working with you. It’s so lovely to know you’re there and rooting us all on! Everyone needs a Jan in their life 😘”




So what’s this all about? – The Details

4 weeks of fabulous transformation for you … what? Only 4 weeks I hear you shout .. YEP!

Mind shifts taught in the right way do NOT have to take years to make. Another little (ahem huge) misperception from the personal development industry.

Included is:

⭐️ Impactful and fascinating videos where I’ll teach you all you want and need to know to stop the racing mind.

⭐️ Thought and action points where you can reflect (not overthink 😂) on your own changes.

⭐️ Relaxation and hypnotherapy audios that create the change where the problem lies.

⭐️ A discounted onward support programme should you want it. You’re never left on your own.

⭐️ The opportunity to ask any questions or for support that you need.

⭐️ An interactive and private facebook group where there will be additional live teachings and one to one support.

What this is NOT about


This is not a mindfulness or meditation programme, this is not a “create positive thinking” programme or using affirmations. It’s not a “force your head to do something different “ type of thing. That’s hard work and let’s face it, it doesn’t do what you’re looking for.

Let’s do what works instead.

So what’s actually involved?



All of the programme goodies will be sent directly to your inbox over the 4 week period.

We will also have a private facebook group where I will be there to help you every step of the way.

With further videos and support to answer your questions or even to dive in deeper with anything that comes up for you specifically.

All set up with your ease and comfort in mind, to give you everything you need to create the outcome that you want.

 We’re starting on the  14th October! 😃


A fabulously priced programme with a huge value for money! 


This programme is a big time value for your peace and release from this horrible problem, and you can get it for only  £98, you can pay over 2 or 4 instalments too!

Wondering what it’s like to work with me?


Read the opinion of one beautiful lady …..

She doesn’t fib, folks. Please believe me.

A total sceptic at first; but then the internal shifts, transformations and new ways of thinking are so life changing.

Jan is brilliant, nonjudgmental, funny and  amazingly approachable.

What’s the outcome?



It may be difficult to visualise a life without overthinking right now so I want you to imagine :

✔️  Feeling at ease with yourself.

✔️  Clear decision making.

✔️ Lighter and happier mood.

✔️ Time and space for your family, for yourself.

✔️ Feeling relaxed.

✔️ Feeling peaceful.

✔️ Being able to go to sleep easier and staying asleep.

✔️ Getting things done – dropping the procrastination.

✔️ Being able to move instead of sitting in stagnant energy.

✔️ Dropping the worry, stress, guilt, anxiety.

✔️ Freedom from the negativity ..overthinking is rarely positive.

✔️ Losing the awful tension from constantly seeking answers and trying to fix yourself.

Working with me means ….

“I can’t thank you enough for being there and being you, you have helped me believe my own influence to make choices and ‘evict’ the unwanted thoughts that weighed me down.”


“I don’t know how she’s done it, but she’s messed with my head – in a good way! – and has shown me very cleverly and subtly how to change my thinking from negative to positive and that any future problem I have I can deal with.”


“Jan honestly changed my life. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually…with gentle, loving guidance. I don’t even know how to put into words how different I’ve become.”


‘Within just a session I noticed a change in my mindset, an altered way of thinking and as the sessions progressed, I have rediscovered my inner confidence, motivation and self-worth.”


Who am I?



I’m Jan James, a Transformation Coach and Master NLP Practitioner.

I’m passionate about getting you the outcomes you want in a way that’s comfortable for you. Resolution doesn’t have to be hard, difficult or painful, that wouldn’t be a solution would it?

I prefer a light hearted, forward focused and let’s get it sorted type of approach.

Let’s have some fun with this, let’s create the relief and lightness that comes from resolving an overthinking problem.

I can’t wait to have you onboard. Let’s do this!

YES, But …….

Will I be able to do this?

Are you overthinking whether you should sort out your overthinking?

Your head will come up with so many things to think about at this point. So many objections and things to consider. This is just part of a pattern that keeps you firmly stuck where you are. You can start your journey to control by over riding that pesky voice.

Have you had enough? Then just do it 😁

What is it like to do this programme?
Easy! I don’t believe in making things hard and complicated, ease and comfort is just the way I roll.

You will receive all your content straight to your inbox.

The great thing about how I work is to help you make changes unconsciously so there’s no trying to get your head around things and working hard to understand. Overthinking this programme is not the way forwards!

All you need to do is be committed to your own changes by getting involved, doing the stuff and showing up for yourself.



Will it work?

Will I be able to do this?

What if it doesn’t work?

What would I do with my head if it wasn’t racing , would I feel empty?

What would my life be like without it?

What would I have to do that I don’t want to to if I was peaceful?

What if it’s a waste of time, money energy and effort?

What if the world ends and I haven’t finished the programme?

What does it mean?

You get the gist 😂

What if you just did it and felt a whole lot better? You’ve really got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Shall I stay sitting on the fence?
Not if you want to get splinters in your bum!

Action is required to make change, go for it, you’ll be very glad you did.

Much love, Jan xxx