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Hello lovely,

You’re probably here because you’re stressed and fed up, thinking, ‘What happened to that wonderful relationship? Where did it go wrong and how can I get it back to where it was?’

You’re experiencing painful arguments and conflict, disagreements that don’t seem to ever get resolved. Communication is causing distress and you’re losing the connection to each other that you so desperately want.

Why has it got to be so difficult? You’re drained from the battle and your home life is suffering. It’s affecting your work, it’s taking way too much of your energy.

You remember how it used to be, when you couldn’t wait to spend time together, everything was so good and you felt happy, accepted, heard and loved. How great would it be to get this back on track to find the closeness and friendship again?

This is for you if you’re ready to do something different, if you 100% want to commit to change. Certain situations cannot be remedied by the methods I talk about here, if you are in a dangerous situation, whether this is physically or psychologically, I would always advise you to put your wellbeing first. You can contact me to discuss what you can do.

Relationships are certainly a challenge in life and they can also be one of your greatest opportunities to learn about yourself and to develop personally.

There’s this myth in society that there will be this “Happy Ever After” scenario when you meet “The One”. This is flawed and the expectation it sets up has caused disappointment and heartache on a massive scale.

If only a more realistic teaching was offered to everyone as teenagers, the pain it would prevent would be huge!

So, when Prince Charming has placed the glass slipper on Cinderella’s foot, what then? There’s no sequel here to tell you that Cinderella is really needy and suffocates the Prince because she wants his attention. It doesn’t tell you that Prince Charming really doesn’t do emotion. It doesn’t tell you that he cannot load the dishwasher correctly or refuses to put the bins out.

Reality can be so different from the dream, can’t it?

Relationships are really about how you ‘relate’ to others, but more importantly, how you relate to yourself. An external relationship often mirrors back to you the relationship that you are having with yourself. External relationship problems are really only a symptom of this deeper issue.

This is brilliant news because you can make the change that you’re looking for. You don’t need anyone else to change or to do anything different.

It’s easy to think that your other half is the cause of pain and stress, yet your reactions internally, the way you feel is totally in your control. I can help you to gain this freedom of choice over your emotions. How amazing is that!

If you still think that you need your partner to change, consider it this way. If you weren’t emotionally upset in you relationship, how much of a problem would it be?

Think ahead to 6 months from now, I don’t want you to be in a situation that is now more stressful, more upsetting and having a greater negative impact on your health, your sleep, your life.

What I do want for you is that in the coming months you begin to feel like a new person. There is clarity in your mind and you’re feeling strong and contented.

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Much love, Jan xx