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Welcome lovely, is it time to get this thing sorted?


Ladies, how about a ‘Grab and go’ programme that you can do on your own?

21 days to create some monumental changes? Every day a video will wing it’s way to your inbox, videos, stuff to read and learn, all easy to implement and to understand. Taking hardly any time at all, swiftly changing your understanding and enabling you to do things differently and get the results you want.

I know! What’s not to love about that.

For only £47 you are bagging yourself a bargain here! As an extra help, you can also pay over 2 instalments (£23.50 each).

You can start straight away so there’s no messing around AND you can do this at your own pace, when you want, how you want.

Relationships with your significant other can be such a challenge … ahem .. opportunity, can’t they? 🤨

Why can’t he just listen? Do as you ask? Support you when you need it? What’s all this getting the hump, going silent or walking off business?

Just what you need .. not!

I mean, it’s not too hard to understand is it? You just want connection, a bit of understanding or how about a bit of co-operation so you feel like you’re not doing this on your own. Show some emotion and you’ll have him running for the hills. Such insensitivity and thoughtlessness sometimes … or so it appears. Why doesn’t he care?

The people you were when you met seems to have faded into a memory, the connection you crave seems to be missing and you just want it back. Arguments, disagreements, conflict are things that you don’t want but they’re happening anyway.

You’re trying to put things right, you put a lot of thoughts into this because your relationship is important to you, yet its all a bit Groundhog Day, nothing is changing. You want to fix things but haven’t a clue where to start anymore.

Here is what one lovely lady had to say …….

“Some surprising insights into how I feel about myself and I’ve realised through this programme that I react the way I do sometimes because I have not learned any other way! So eye opening!!

Very juicy and interesting in a healthy and positive way. Thank you Jan for putting this together.”

The Solution

Fear not lovely, I have your answer right here, in only 21 days we can turn this around. New understanding is what’s needed, shifts in the way that you’re viewing things, new behaviours and some magical communication tweaks that create totally different responses.

The power is actually in your hands, you won’t even need his help. YOU can do this on your own if you’re willing to learn about you and your partner and engage in the process. Before you go there , this is not to say this is your fault! When you learn more about you and him and about people you’ll be left wondering how you’ve managed to get on with anyone before.

Let’s get a spring back in your step as you take control and create happy moments, loving connections and the type of communication that you really want.

You will be able to achieve effective communication, connection and a sense of peace with your partner.

And it’s wonderful, take it from one who knows 😉.


Does this seem like an impossibility right now?

Trust me, what I teach you here has not just come from text books and training 🤫.

It comes from years of working things out for myself, seeing what doesn’t work and what does.

Peaceful relationships takes new learning, not the stuff you have modelled from your parents and from the people around you (yes, you’ve done this without realising).

It takes an undoing of belief systems imposed on you from society, what you have been taught that relationships should be, what your man ‘should do’ and being, stuff that’s left you with some unrealistic expectations that no one could meet.

Don’t worry though, this doesn’t mean you won’t get the results you want, you will be able to achieve effective communication, connection and a sense of peace with your partner.

And it’s wonderful, take it from one who knows 😉.

You don’t need to just take my word for it 


Read the opinion of one beautiful lady …..

“The lessons encouraged me to step out of my head and consider other options, viewpoints, and ways of thinking.

It felt good to have my thought process challenged… gently and lovingly.

Knowing you had designed the programme helped me to feel secure, understood and supported. And that made a huge difference. It was much easier to take in your advise and suggestions knowing that you were a person like me! I felt I could trust you based on your education and your own personal experiences which you have so openly shared.”



Relationships can be such a nightmare, but I don’t need to tell you this do I? They are also your biggest opportunity to discover yourself. They provide the perfect classroom for massive growth and development on your journey to find peace. Why? Because they help you to discover the real you, not the you that responds to past stuff. The emotionally triggered you that is so hurt by what he does and says.

Relationships are not what you expected at all. It all starts out so well and you think that it’s wonderful, then without warning you’re with a different person, where have they gone? You’re then on a pathway to get him back, to reconnect and recreate how it was before.

Maybe you’re further down the line and things are just stale and stagnant, communication is shallow and on repeat, there’s not excitement or togetherness anymore. Your days now are more about navigating the irritations.

It’s  something you think about a lot, it makes you cry and he hurts your feelings to the point you think he just doesn’t care about you.

What’s going on with this?  Some huge misunderstandings and miscommunication.. that’s all. The thing is, he’s still there, as he was but you’re not able to see him anymore and he can’t see you.


So what are we going to be doing here?

⭐️ Clearing your vision so that you can see things in a much more optimistic light.

⭐️ Learning to understand your partner and yourself.

⭐️ Discover why things have gone wrong. The relief to know there’s nothing wrong with either of you.

⭐️ Having a giggle when you learn the differences in the way that men and women think.

⭐️ Find out how your communication style is not creating the response that you want. Learning a new way is a magical shift to create the connection you crave.

⭐️ How trying to fix the relationship is actually the thing that’s breaking it.

⭐️ Learning about triggered emotional reactions and what you can do about it.

⭐️ Releasing your hurt feelings over what has gone on.

⭐️ How to create the connection you’re looking for.

The Details

This is a 21 day email programme. You  will receive a daily email, with videos, teachings and worksheets. Full of eye opening new ways to think about things and nuggets of information that provide priceless shifts for you.

You can start this at any time. Further support is available to you when you have finished this programme, you’re never left alone and stranded.

This is for you if :

– You want to make things work, your partner is a good person but you’ve lost your way with each other.

 – You want to understand yourself and your partner but are willing to look inwards, to yourself, to make changes. Just to repeat …. This is not about anything being your fault.

– You are willing to engage in the process and put the time in daily to make the changes you are looking for.

This won’t be for you if:

– You’re in an abusive situation.. Please contact me separately for help.

– You just want to blame him

– You’re too hurt and not ready to make the necessary changes

– You don’t want to invest your time, energy or money

What will the Relationship Supercharge give to you?


It’s always so much better to hear from the wonderful people who have already done this programme .. I mean, of course I’m going to tell you how wonderful it is, I designed it! And while I believe this to be true, it’s important that you know from some else’s point of view ………

“But there is a freedom knowing that I can “choose” my ways of reacting and perceiving which can change the whole experience! Also understanding WHY I see things the way I do was very useful! Things are much less painful now for me. (That is just everything, isnt it? ) And for me personally, I am able to better let things go and not dwell or brood for hours.

The best part is that I learnt so much about myself and it was a bit humbling at times. Ironically, by understanding that I dont need to be in charge of, and responsible for fixing him, I feel more in control but in a different way. I’m more relaxed and less likely to blow up. I know I can control “me” and can be looking and working toward peaceful outcomes.”

Who am I?

I’m Jan James, a Transformation Coach and Master NLP Practitioner. The stuff I’ve learnt about relationships didn’t just come from books and training

I have personal experience of the struggles and confusion, pain and upset of deteriorating relationships. Of how to navigate the difficulties, the misunderstandings and communication which makes you feel like you’re speaking a foreign language.

I thought I just couldn’t do relationships as so many of them had gone wrong with the same sort of problems. It was like the faces changed but the circumstances didn’t.

The solutions came through my psychological training for sure, spiritual, energetic and emotional learning too. I have to say though that the number one shift for me in this respect came from years of soul searching, analysing and working out myself .

I’m delighted to be able to offer this to you now as a way of saving you those years of trauma and struggle. That overanalysing it all hasn’t worked so far has it? All that you’ve tried is not producing the results that you need.

Bag yourself a bargain here, a small price for big shifts.

Yes, but I can’t see how I could make this work

YES this sounds exactly what I need BUT what if I can’t do it? What if it doesn’t make any difference to me?

Well, first off what if you can and what if it did?

Stories that occur in your mind only keep you stagnant and stuck in the same place but that’s all it is, a story!

Don’t listen to the dialogue that holds you back .. this is the stuff that is creating a lot of your problems in the first place. All playing on repeat to keep you exactly where you are.

Get excited at possibility here because you have all it takes to start creating a whole different experience in your relationship.

I've tried lots of things and nothing has changed, how is this different?

Everything you’ve tried has been through an old set of thinking. The things with this stuff is that you can’t even see it yourself. Your beliefs, your ideas. Chances are you won’t even know what it is that’s causing the problems in the first place.

It looks like it’s because he’s not listening or not caring, it looks like he’s not interested or wanting to know about your emotional state. All based on the things that he is doing or saying. Whats so fascinating (and what is waiting for you) is that things are not what they appear. And when you understand this fully, everything looks a whole lot different.

What is it like to do this programme?

First off, you’re in the driving seat and can take as much or as little time as you like to do this.

You will recieve an email from me every day for 21 days, you can choose whether you do this daily or not.

Taking 15-20 minutes, you watch the video or read the content. Simple!

The great thing about how I work is to help you make changes unconsciously so there’s no trying to get your head around things and working hard to understand.

Try out the things I’m teaching you and you will see the different responses you get. You will see the results as you make small changes.


Will I have to do anything that will make me uncomfortable?

Absolutely not!

It’s such a joy when you start to do things differently and get a much better result. Also a huge relief when you realise how much you are in control. You have been all the time but didnt know or understand what was going on under the surface.

It may be noticed by your other half but in a very good and positive way. This is a win-win situation for you both!

Is it my fault?

NO! wink

Shall I stay sitting on the fence?

Not if you want to get splinters in your bum!

Action is required to make change, go for it, you’ll be very glad you did.

Much love, Jan xxx