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All this stress, frustration and upset! But I don’t have to tell you about this do I? Not when you experience this first hand.

Don’t worry if you’re at a loss as to how to resolve things, I’m here to help. You can breathe a sigh of relief that you’re now in the right place to change things around.

Home is supposed to be calm and restful place and when it’s not, when there is disharmony with your partner,  it’s impacting every area of your life. Discord seeps everywhere, work, family, kids, socially, sleep and your health.

Having a safe place for yourself to recharge and rest comfortably is so so important and your home, and your relationship, can be this again.

Want to know more?

You can fill your head with all sorts of stories of how it will get better one day or that “It’s not too bad” . Or you can get busy doing other things as a distraction. But, the stress and the angst doesn’t get better does it?

Arguments, disagreements, any number of irritations. Feeling unheard, unimportant or that there is something wrong with your emotions and maybe you “should” be different.

It doesn’t seem to matter how you explain yourself or try to resolve the situation, it’s all falling on deaf ears and leaves you more frustrated than you were to start with.

Where has the connection gone? Why is it that he doesn’t seem to care? Does he go cold? How about defensive or walking away?  It can feel like you’re batting your head against a brick wall.

Maybe you feel it’s your fault and this is why you neglect yourself in not seeking help? Maybe you would discover something that you don’t like about you (you won’t by the way).

Do you convince yourself that it’ll be ok even though it’s causing you distress? You are important and how you feel matters. Stop ignoring this.

Grab yourself a FREEBIE!

The stuff that comes up in relationships!! What a challenge this can be. Painful emotional triggers, irritation and anger firing off like loose cannons.

This has been a time of intense pressure, understandably, and relationships with your significant other may well be feeling the strain. Chances are there was stuff there to solve already but the melting pot of more time together, stress and worry brings things even more to the surface.

This is about the stuff that you carry under the surface that causes untold problems in relationships. Baggage that weighs you down, makes you feel miserable and looks to your partner as the cause of it all. (Yes, I know it looks like it’s all their fault 😂).

Find out what this is and how learning about it can transform your relationship from the battleground and all those irritations to a peaceful connection that you really want.



It can feel so overwhelming, where do you even start? Everything you have tried, all that you have read and considered, doesn’t seem to make a difference. The problems are still there and if anything are getting worse.

I don’t want to make you feel even worse here by talking about the effects on you, you know them too well. I want to focus on solutions.

So what would peaceful communication feel like?  Being heard and acknowledged?

To feel connected again, having time together that’s comfortable and relaxed?

Feeling pleased to see each other and not feeling so irritated and annoyed, hurt and frustrated?

You won’t know how to do this but that’s ok, this is the beauty and relief of getting help. You don’t have to wonder “Is it me?” anymore. You don’t have to spend your valuable time analysing what’s happened, trying to work out what caused it and what you can do to fix it.

Let me take you through what needs to happen to recreate the connection, recharge communication and getting you feeling a whole lot better about this very important part of your life



Do you want to know how you can take control of how you feel? Find out how to gain inner power and create the change you want in your relationship?

Dive in here.


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