Thanks Jan, right from the beginning it felt ‘right’. You provided a generous mix of warmth, humour and empathy, where I felt a valued sense of acceptance, all of which allowed me to feel safe to explore my issues and the impact they were having on me.

Throughout my guided journey I was able to recognise just how much my thoughts ‘controlled’ me.  I carried so much doubt where you helped me to see it was a pattern I had become accustomed to and fell into ‘default’ mode’ of the usual, destructive patterns of thought, whereas now I can see clearly just how much negative energy was being consumed by that pattern..  As the sessions progressed I felt the extra energy within me and this amazingly continues.

I can’t thank you enough for being there and being you, you have helped me believe my own influence to make choices and ‘evict’ the unwanted thoughts that weighed me down.


I can honestly say seeing Jan and her sessions have changed my life.

I’d been recommended a form of talking therapy by my GP to help me through a very bad patch in my life.

I was sceptical, having never had any kind of counselling before.

My first encounter with the world of therapy was with a counsellor, which wasn’t very helpful, was very expensive and left me feeling disillusioned and cynical about the whole thing.

But then my best friend recommended NLP and I found Jan through an internet search and booked my first appointment – with not much expectation, to be honest.

But right from the moment I  met her I knew she was the right person for me.

She was warm, friendly, welcoming and most importantly positive with a “solutions”-based approach.

I left my first session feeling happy, optimistic and confident she could help me work through my issues.

Unlike some therapists she doesn’t insist you sign a contract committing you to a certain number of (very expensive) sessions.  Each session was booked on a ‘when it suits’ week-by-week basis.

What helped me most was the ‘looking to the future’ element of the sessions – there’s no dwelling on the past, it’s very much moving forward focused.

I don’t know how she’s done it, but she’s messed with my head – in a good way! – and has shown me very cleverly and subtly how to change my thinking from negative to positive and that any future problem I have I can deal with.

PS she also makes a lovely cup of tea!


“I wanted to thank Jan for helping me through quite a dark period in my life, and would gladly recommend this wonderful person’s services to everyone

I was stuck in a rut, struggling to sleep at night, seriously lacking confidence in myself and motivation to even get out of bed which was putting a real strain on both my work and home life. I needed a bit of help. Enter Jan.

Jan creates a relaxing and comfortable environment where you can chat over a coffee in confidence without judgement and with complete empathy.

Within just a session I noticed a change in my mindset, an altered way of thinking and as the sessions progressed, I have rediscovered my inner confidence, motivation and self-worth.

I will always be thankful to Jan for playing such a pivotal role in what I’m sure is a crucial moment in my life and career and for the techniques I have learnt that will help me better deal with life and the minds obstacles in the future.

Thank you”


Having used Jan personally, I can highly recommend her as a practitioner.

The sessions are in an appropriate, purpose built, confidential environment and Jan is entirely professional and ethical in practice.