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You’re good at talking, you can boss your communication with your family and friends. It’s not an issue at all. Yet put yourself in that meeting room and the sweat breaks out.

All those people with good opinions and confident approach, speaking out freely and contributing, you wonder why this feels so hard and difficult for you.

Times where you have spoken, it feels like the world has grown silent, there’s a heavy awareness of the sound of your own voice and everyone is looking at you. Your brain trips you up and you just want to finish the sentence as soon as possible, it’s so uncomfortable.

You want to contribute yet you overthink everything that comes in to your head, questioning whether it’s a good thing to say, will you look stupid and maybe it’s just invalid. An internal dialogue that keeps your mouth firmly shut and inadvertently making it look like you agree with everyone else.

Standing up for what you think and for yourself is just not happening and the resentment and frustration grows.

This isn’t as tricky to resolve as you first may think. Making the choice to turn yourself from mouse to mighty communicator is your first step. If you can do this with ease and comfort, could you communicate well?

You can communicate, you do it at home. This is not the issue. You have good ideas so this is not the problem.

The emotion and inner dialogue here is the thing to change. The fear and worry that comes from not trusting yourself and feeling like you’re not good enough.

Imagine standing in your own power at work, (or anywhere else), dropping the analysis to just be yourself … comfortably. How good would that be?

This is something you can easily achieve but you’ll need help to do it. It’s a bit like having a leak in your bathroom, you need a plumber because ylou don’t know how to fix it. Or taking your car to the garage because you don’t know anything about engines or what’s wrong with it.

Your emotional and psychological stuff is the same, the head can have you thinking that you should know what to do, you should know better, you should be able to stop doing this annoying stuff. But it’s not that simple. You wouldn’t tell yourself that you should know what’s wrong with the car and you should know how to fix it would ya?

Not standing in your power at work is something that will cause you stress, upset and worry. It means never quite clocking off, having thoughts that niggle and annoy you while you’re at home. It creates a negative drain on your home life, making you feel miserable, upset and unmotivated.

This isn’t good is it? And you certainly deserve much more than this.

I’ve created a short video for you, it’s free, to help you to get clear on where your power is draining and to highlight the ways that you can set yourself free from this angst!

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