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Are you worrying and do you get stressed ?  It’s that awful feeling of stomach churning and being on edge like something dreadful is about to happen. You can’t relax and it just feels awful.

Anxiety and panic attacks can really spoil your day to day life, and it’s really useful to know what’s going on within your mind and body to reduce the intensity of the trigger, this starts to give you a choice over what you are experiencing rather than being in the grip of it and feeling helpless.

It’s a pattern of behaviour that has been learnt somewhere along the way, it could have been developed through difficult events or it could just be something you have picked up from someone else. You will notice what it is if you consider your main care givers and whether they had similar problems.

As children we don’t learn by what is said, we learn from behaviour and the feelings that are coming from that behaviour.

It’s also possible that you can take on that pattern because you felt it (an energy from someone else) and thought it was yours.

It’s Interesting and can certainly relieve the “what’s wrong with me” dialogue but really how it got there is not so important.

It’s what you can do with it now that matters.

It’s like an alarm system on a car, it has a useful purpose of alerting you to a threat that someone maybe trying to steal it. In the same way you have a system that alerts you to danger, also extremely useful and essential. Danger though is meant as a threat to life or harm.

Think of a car alarm that keeps going off for no apparent reason, you’re going to  check what’s happening, yet there is no one there. You see a cat has hidden underneath. Next time it goes off because it’s windy. That alarm is a little over sensitive and going off where it’s not really needed. No one is stealing it.

It’s the same for your alert system, it is firing off at imagined times of threat. Not to life or harm but to an emotional fear.

A reset is needed. In the same way that the car needs to be booked in for a wiring overhaul, then your mind is needing a reset so that it knows what it threatening (actual threat) to what is being imagined.

This enables you to relax in more situations.

Trying to stop anxiety through thinking about it is not going to work, it’s the thinking patterns that are greatly contributing to the problem. This would like telling the car that it’s ok, it doesn’t have to set the alarm off. It’s not going to make any difference.

To uncover the triggers and resolve the problem takes some detective work, this can be difficult to do on your own. You don’t have to suffer with it though, you can contact me by clicking the button below.

Much love, Jan xxx