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What if all that you’re struggling with right now comes down to one problem? That would be far easier to solve wouldn’t it?

This is a bit of a tricky one to identify as overthinking affects different people in different ways. It masks itself as a different problem entirely, having you analysing that thing over and over.  Hmmmm, there’s reasons that this is happening and your mind is certainly not trying to cause you problems.

What you need to do though is identify the actual problem so that you have a starting point out of the pain!

Here are some of the ways it will show up:

You can’t speak up and say what you want to say.


Because you can’t, you might upset someone or they’ll think horrible things about you, you might be wrong. What if it’s you? There are sure to be horrible consequences if you say something.

All the scenarios you create about the outcome are a result of overthinking. It’s totally possible for you to have something to say and you say it. The overthinking problem is the culprit.


You put up with things that you’re not happy with.


It’s easier to just put up with things than fight past this inner chat that tells you what’s going to happen if you move forward towards something you want. If you go for a new job you might not get it or you might not be able to do it, what if the people are horrible or you hate it? You may just end up feeling terrible so don’t do anything.

There is behaviour around you that you’re not happy with but there’s no point addressing it because they won’t listen or it will all backfire and things will get worse. Maybe you’re exaggerating or over reacting. Maybe you need to deal with why you’re upset about it the first place. 🙄

You feel stuck, very stuck with unpleasant feelings and a situation you want to change but put off and put off again dealing with it.

This is a thinking too much problem, keeps you firmly stuck in a place of put up and shut up. It’s nothing external to you that’s causing this.

This is not a fear of other people’s reactions, it’s an internally generated stress and YOU can create the opposite by resolving this one pesky issue.

You struggle to make decisions.


How can choice become so overwhelming? What to have for dinner, what to wear, how to do a task, whether you actually do it. Which do you choose? You just dont know. Your head feels like it’s full of cotton wool and it’s just too much.

This is the result of an overthinking problem too! Thinking too much when you don’t need to results in some really negative stuff such as this. Add in not being able to go to sleep easily or stay asleep too.

Feeling anxious, stressed, on edge and worrying is exhausting. It’s like running a marathon but for the brain!

It’s working unnecessarily hard due to this overthinking. This will leave you full of self doubt, frustrated with yourself and miserable.

Paralysis, you can’t be arsed and do nothing.


The most simple of tasks can turn into the equivalent of having to climb a mountain. Things you can normally do easily are just TOO much. Can’t be arsed becomes the order of the day.

This is analysis paralysis, you’ve worn yourself out with the running (thinking). There’s no mental capacity for any clear thinking at all. It’s just a fog.

Who would have thought that the cause of all this stuff is something you can learn to be in control of.

Has this thrown some light on your symptoms?

Anxiety is a forward based overthinking problem, too much thinking about the future.

Depression is a backward based overthinking problem, too much thinking about the past.

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