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The Relationship Baggage Buster .. woooooo It’s FREE!

Why is that you end up hurting each other in your relationship?
It’s the last thing that either of you want and it’s intensely frustrating that it keeps happening.
What’s causing this? Why so much tension and disagreement? It’s like nothing goes right. This then swings to everything is ok again 😳, what’s THAT about?
Stuff you’re both lugging around with you like a heavy weight in a rucksack, it feels dark, it feels negative and it’s NOT getting you what you want.
You just want that connection back, for things to be peaceful and to stay that way.
You can do that, but first you need to know what this baggage is, why it’s there and what to do about it … and it’s not as difficult to resolve as you may think.
The problem feels big but the solution is not.
What is this baggage?


What’s inside it and how do you put it down? Doesn’t it feel confusing?

Thing is, you won’t know, this is normal for human beings.

You know there’s a problem and you just wish you could sort it out. It causes so much distress and upset and if only it didn’t happen, you could be happy and create the connection with your partner that you crave.

Let’s dive inside these musty old suitcases and have a little look at what you’re lugging around with you. Let’s discover that all along it’s not what you thought AND they don’t have to be a permanent attachment anymore.

Let’s bust these blocks
for a relationship that rocks