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Being a victim of your own head strips away the joy, it steals your happiness away.

Did you realise though that you have a choice?

I’m guessing not, your own thoughts are so all consuming aren’t they? They are in your head, therefore it must be true. You believe every word that they say. I’m talking here about your beliefs about yourself, about why you are having problems, about what other people are like. The meanings you give to all sorts of things.

I’m not suggesting that when you look out of the window and think “it’s raining” that it’s a lie.

Certain thoughts are true and they are commonly held truths, “The sun comes up each morning”, for example. More factual and scientific facts.

The majority of your thoughts though are personal to you, they’re subjective and are not facts. Although you will absolutely believe they are:

  • Nothing ever goes right for me.
  • No one listens to me.
  • People don’t like me.
  • I always get it wrong.
  • People are so horrible.
  • I can’t.
  • I’m stupid.

This is a never ending list and yours will be specific to you.

So when you overthink, you re run conversations in your mind that you’ve had with people and try and change them, wishing you had said something or not said something. You worry and stress about what’s happened or what could happen. You worry about upsetting other people and what they consequences of that will be.

You then worry and get upset about what’s wrong with you and why you’re feeling so bad, there must be something wrong with you because everyone else is ok. It’s just you that is having this difficulty.

You tell yourself that you’re broken in some way, you were the one that was born faulty, deep down in your core, you’re just not good enough.

I wonder how much time you spend thinking about this stuff? Hours? days? Weeks? Years? And did it ever improve anything?

No and it’s guaranteed to make you feel very very bad.

I’ve got two very special workshops for you to get you out of this stuckness.

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Jan xx