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There’s nothing wrong with you!

Nope! There’s not! I get it that you believe there is but there’s something that you need to know …

How the personal development industry has you convinced you need to fix yourself.

Well of course it will, it’s an industry. It’s not going to come out and say “There’s nothing wrong with you” is it?

There would be no business left if it did that.

This leaves you needing more self help books that buy into there being something wrong. The more you read, the more the false beliefs of “faulty” and “wrongness” take hold.

You believe this stuff about yourself but beliefs are not written in concrete and forever. They’ve been developed over time, through your experiences where you decided that there was something wrong.

Other people have said things or acted in a certain way and you have decided that it all meant something about you. You chose the meaning.

You’re a human being, and within that statement are flaws, mind craziness, personality quirks and things you would rather not have happen. Such as judgements, criticism, anger, irritation. And the personal development industry tell you that you should forgive, you should accept everyone, you should be kind, you should be all sorts of things to make you a better person.

Sometimes you’ll be kind, sometimes you won’t. You will judge and criticise, you won’t love everyone and you may well struggle to forgive.

It IS what it is! You’re human, this means you’re perfect in your imperfections. You are both ends of the scale from dark to light and everywhere in between.

And so is everyone else.

I’m in the personal development industry but not a part of the philosophy it has. My passion IS your personal development, for you to be living a happy and peaceful life as much as this is possible. It’s not a permanent state to achieve but to create the choices in any moment of time, to provide the tools and the skills to be standing in your power at all times.

I will be that person who tells you:

There is nothing wrong with you!

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