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Are you feeling stuck? It’s common to not even know what your potential is, have you even got any?

Let’s blast this stickiness out of the water with a reality check. Bypassing that little voice in your head that tells you that you can’t, that things are difficult or that you don’t know what to do to make yourself happy.

Who are you really?

Well, you have the same capabilities as anyone else because you’re a human being. If you can see someone else achieve what you want to achieve then you have it within you to do the same. You can learn new things, change behaviours and develop a mindset that encourages you rather than slaps you down. In all situations this takes your decision to do the things that are needed. Thinking about it won’t make it happen.

A decision?

Yep, deciding that you can if you take the necessary steps. This may mean getting help to do it, it may mean practical steps, it may mean stepping through fear. Whatever blocks and obstacles come up for you, these are illusions created by your mind that have no reality. They feel real but don’t let them hold you back now. Reach out, get help to shift them out of the way.


You don’t have to eliminate fear in order to move forward. There can be a pattern of automatic avoidance of something if fear comes up. The feeling overrides and dominates. What if you were to just move through it? What would happen if you did?

Many people believe that they have to work with fear in order to make it go away. Then you can do what you want to do. This is not true. You can step through it like a hot knife through butter. Emerging from the other side wondering how it’s held you back for so long 😃.

Wanting to be happy

It’s not a lot to ask is it? Maybe it’s past stuff that follows you around like a heavy rucksack on your back. Old pain, resentment, hurt and anger can affect your life daily in awful ways.

Maybe if you could get a new job, get out of that relationship or achieve something new it would make you happy. If you could just tell your boss that you’re not happy or if you could express yourself well. Standing up for yourself with confidence and expecting support could do it.

If only those people would change! If they were nice to you or considerate you could be happy then.

Did you know that you can create internal happiness without changing other people or external situations? The key to your happiness is more an inner job. Great news really because trying to change all of that out there would be a lifelong and frustrating (and impossible) strain.

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