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Welcome to YOUR possibility!


Hello lovely,

You’re so welcome here, this is a place of possibility, change and development.

I’m guessing there are some burning questions right now, like who the hell are you and how can you help me? 😃 Am I right?

Along with ….. What’s all this NLP business exactly? Does it work? How can I be sure that investing in myself is going to make a difference? Will it hurt? Is it going to be uncomfortable? How long will it take? …. and more.

How does this work?


First off,  I’m a Transformation coach so we won’t mess about. I expect to see changes from the very first session. Sorting out your stuff doesn’t need to be long term, anyone that tells you that this stuff takes years .. don’t believe it.

You won’t be left to work things out for yourself, if you could do that you would have done it already. You also won’t be the one sitting there and musing the past over and over trying to find solutions on your own. This is highly interactional and you will learn loads, about you, about life, about the mind and how to create a better future.

Once you have the tools to shift problems around, you carry this with you forever, applying it  whenever and wherever you need. This isn’t something where you just fix one problem, it has a knock on effect for every aspect of your life. This work rapidly increases your personal growth and development.

Does it hurt? NO thanks!

We work together in a lighthearted kind of way, there’s always room for humour.

There’s no need to feel the pain to resolve the pain 😉. So no, we don’t delve into pain, this isn’t the way to resolve it. There’s plenty of stuff out there on the interwebby that gives the impression that feeling pain from the past is necessary …. ermmm, it’s not!

It’s important to acknowledge past stuff but you don’t want to be trying to live there! Yes, the mind can want to keep you there, even though it’s not possible.

I’m Jan,  Transformation Coach and Master NLP Practitioner

Integrity is my thing, it’s important to me that you get the results that you want, I couldn’t do this job any other way.

The “How long will it take?” question is not quite so straight forward to answer. Everyone is different and all issues are different.

What I can tell you is that it will be as quick as possible. It’s not something I ever drag out, (I’ve had that done to me) and it really really gets my goat! There is no need for years of therapy in most cases, forward focused solutions means you move and you move quickly.

You choose when and how many sessions you have anyway, so it’s always in your hands, you are the one that needs to be in control of this.

What is NLP?

What is NLP? A title that doesn’t give much away does it? It’s psychology based and it shifts problems. That’s, I guess, as technical as you need it to get 🙂.

We talk, I help you shift mindset, beliefs, thoughts and emotions to help you to get to wherever it is that you want to get.

Does it work? Yes, yes and yes. Part of training as an NLP Practitioner for me was to go through the therapy myself , I know personally what it does and how it feels. I can highly  recommend it 😉😂.

The lovely clients say .....

My first session with Jan was revelatory! I genuinely didn’t expect to get to the root cause of my concerns so quickly but Jan made me feel instantly at ease, allowing me to speak openly and from the heart.

I left feeling overwhelmingly relieved, enlightened and looking forward to my next session.


Jan herself is of the highest integrity and guides you gently and supportively with the care, support and dedication that you absolutely need when dealing with this sort of thing.

She is so wonderful and knowledgeable, and you can feel her care and that she really has walked the walk and can resonate and support with the care that only someone who has experienced and come out of the other side can.


Jan brilliantly walks you through who you are, who you can be if you choose, and how to get there. Never any pushing or judgment.

Jan honestly changed my life. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually…with gentle, loving guidance. I don’t even know how to put into words how different I’ve become.

Jan answers questions, encourages, loves, and it becomes so obvious that her focus is on you and that her desire is to help. She has no problem telling of her journey or sharing personal experiences. She‘s such an open book. You just know you can trust her.


Please have a little look through my website where you’ll find all that you need to know. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or want to chat about how to move forwards, you can use the form below.

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