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What a painful experience this is!

How does this show up for you? with work, family, relationships, friends? All of these?

That feeling of just needing to be better, chasing improvements so that you can just feel like you’re enough.

Questioning the things that you do, a constant analysis of yourself and trying to fix what’s wrong with you. Needing to get things “right” and attempting to do things perfectly.

Worrying about what other people think of you, feeling judged and criticised can be oh so painful.

When you can only see the negatives in what you do there’s a constant stream of inner dialogue that tells you off, puts you down and zaps your motivation to a standstill.

Procrastinating, feeling stuck and a low and heavy mood are so familiar.

You’re not alone.

Part of this problem is an embarrassment about it, you tell yourself you should have been able to sort this out and you certainly don’t want anyone else to know about it. You’re on a quest to fix yourself and keep it hidden. You think that you’re different and everyone else has got things sorted.

It’s not that there’s something wrong with you at all, you’ve learnt some stuff that’s holding you back. That’s all.

Not feeling good enough will have you chasing for perfectionism, always needing to be better, to fix yourself to avoid any criticism or rejection.

The slightest thing can throw you into painful self analysis, questioning and self doubt. Feeling like you’re being judged, re-running conversations in your head in an attempt to make yourself better understood or wishing that you had said things in a ‘better’ way.

Ouch! You end up believing that it’s just you, the way that you are, a part of your personality. This is NOT the case. Dive in here to discover where this has come from and how you can go about freeing yourself from one hell hole of an issue.

Fixing this is not the massive uphill climb that you may imagine, have a look here at this video where I’m explaining the origin of the problem and how it’s not even yours. 😳