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Manglish and Womanspeak are two very different languages spoken in relationships and this is what causes so many misunderstandings and conflicts.

You’ve thought you’re speaking the same language haven’t you? Same words, sentences and phrases. It’s English after all, what is there to NOT understand?

WELL, what a revelation to discover that communication is far more than these little words and the way they are arranged together.

Men and women are communicating in completely different ways on lots of different levels.

One of these is the way that men and women understand and process information.

Man talk and woman talk

Let’s face it men are a lot more straightforward than us women.

Picture the scene …. he’s just come home from work, you’re tired, you’ve had a bad day; someone has annoyed you at work; you’re run ragged taking the kids here there and everywhere;  you feel like you’re doing everything on your own AND he didn’t put the bins out.

Add that to the list of other stuff you’ve asked him to do and he hasn’t done it. The kids won’t leave you alone for a minute, they’re arguing .. you have the dinner to cook and you’re hormonal .

“Hello, how are you?” He says. “Fine” you answer with a face like thunder and a tone of voice that would grate on carrots.

“What’s for tea?” He says.

Risky? Maybe not to him.

If a man says he’s ok, then generally he is. If a woman says she’s ok, she may well not be 🤫 but lies about it. Do you do this?

Confusion arranges for our men when they hear you say something that’s not true … ermmm understandable isn’t it when written down clearly?

Women understand this lie talk, they can hear the underlying meaning to things and respond to the emotion being conveyed rather than the words. A woman would get it straight away, reading your facial expressions and picking up on the underlying stress and hormonal’ness’.  Men can’t do this too well.

Say what you mean

Being straightforward  by saying what you mean will save you (and him) a lot of unnecessary strife.

“I’m exhausted. Could you help with the dinner tonight and sort out the kids?”


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