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Ahhh the overthinking problem! A continuous stream of dialogue that takes you down the path of negativity, firing off in different directions until you’re paralysed, emotionally drained and can’t make a decision to save your life.

What kicks this off for you? Did you know that something triggers it?

It’s not actually something that you’re not in control of although it probably feels like that right now. It’s become such a normal thing to do that you haven’t considered that there could be a different option.

It feels like it’s something that is just happening and beyond your control, your head on a mission to make you feel just crappy and thoroughly miserable. And will it ever stop?

An incessant chatter that re-runs conversations, attempts to change conversations you’ve had and events that have already happened… do you do that? Have arguments with people, imagine scenarios that haven’t even happened yet and catastrophise things with never ending “what if” questions.

What’s this about and what can you do about it?

Over thinking isn’t something that you have to do. Nor is out of your control once you’ve learnt about it.

It’s something that is learnt …. yeah, you learnt to do it. A pattern of analysing stuff like a really painful hobby.

There’s lots of ways this can occur and here are two :

  1. You decided somewhere along the line that you needed fixing and have set out on a quest to do just that. You somehow decided that constant analysis would be the way to provide a solution to this problem. That this will make you better in some way, it will keep you on guard so that you don’t make mistakes or look bad.

The mind thinks that if it thinks about something enough it will come up with the answer. Ermmmm, has this worked so far?

2.  Painful emotions were overwhelming and you didn’t know what to do with them as a child. Maybe you didn’t get the emotional nurturing and support that you needed. It’s then common to jump into your head, away from the emotion as a way of distracting from them.

This means that as an adult anything that upsets you can trigger off this way of coping. You don’t need to do this anymore but you’ve yet to receive the support and help to deal with it ….. enter stage left … me! 😀

So uncomfortable feelings occur and you jump to this automatic a pattern of thinking and thinking as a way to feel better . .. ermmmm that’s not working either is it?

Don’t worry, I have that support and help right now so that you can stop this very painful way of being.

Check this out as your opt out for overthinking, you’ll be glad you did.