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Your Paracetamol for Overwhelm




Right now, you don’t need lots to read and work out. You don’t need to delve into all your problems in any deep way.

You need a quick fix of calm and clarity and I’ve got just the thing.

Let’s sort this out.


          Much love, Jan xxxxx
It’s all just too much.


Your head is like a washing machine on spin and it’s oh so painful.

Chaotic thoughts create negativity and there just doesn’t seem to be any solutions. You don’t know where to start, you’re in pain and quite frankly, it’s exhausting!

Who could help anyway, would it make a difference?

When you can’t see solutions and are drowning in the problem, your head seems to want to think about the problem a lot, and a lot more and then a bit more. It is actually trying to create resolution but it doesn’t work does it?

Analysis is not the answer.


Let’s face it, if you knew what to do about it you would have done it already wouldn’t you?

Clarity of mind is what is needed and this will NOT come from thinking.

So how to stop this whirlwind in your head? How do you gain balance so you can think straight?

Let me help.


This is a quick resolution to the turmoil. A beautiful relaxation and guided meditation (with a bit of hypnotherapy thrown in too).

This will lead you out of this painful compulsive thought pattern. On coming out you will find a clearer place and it’s only when you are clear that solutions come forward.

Ready to relax and feel a whole lot better?