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Everybody thinks you’ve got in all under control but inside is a whole different story isn’t it?

There’s this weight of expectation on your shoulders to perform, to get it right only you don’t ever feel like it’s enough, you don’t feel like you’re enough!

So much headroom is taken up with worry and anxiety over whether you’ll be found out, almost like you’re an imposter in this role. A role that you’re just not comfortable in your own skin with.

Looking around everyone else seems confident in what they’re doing, you couldn’t possibly speak up about this. What would people think? You believe they’re  all judging you anyway.

You feel such a failure, like you should be just getting on with things in a much better way. If only you were confident and sure , maybe then you wouldn’t be at home dreading Monday’s and having to deal with the bosses and this heavy situation.

Awkward colleagues, difficult or unapproachable bosses, needing that reassurance and not getting it, feeling overlooked and not noticed, it’s a minefield of painful emotions that you end up having to negotiate. It’s exhausting!

Want to know more?

All of this stuff may look like it’s caused by your job and your environment. And for sure this is what IS kicking it off. But look closer and you will find that this is your stuff, painful reactions and emotional turmoil that was developed well before this.

Good news for sure (what? You might well ask) … YOU are in control of your stuff. You don’t have to change them, your role or your environment in order to get confidence and internal peace. This is something you can take charge of and control.

Imagine this ….

⭐️Confident to speak out without fear of those invisible consequences.

⭐️ Sure of yourself and your capabilities.

⭐️ Shutting down difficult situations and dealing with them easily and without worry.

⭐️ Chatting to your bosses with a new ease.

⭐️Sharing your views and being heard.

What’s not to love about that scenario?

More importantly is your peace of mind, dropping the worry and the stress and having to think about it all in your free time. More energy, more freedom and lightness.

Truly stepping into your power, not only in your workplace but in your life too.

Grab yourself the opportunity for freedom

Working together is not like work and it’s not painful either. In an uplifting and relaxed way, you can easily drop all of the things that holds you back and causes you upset.

One to one is the way to go! You get my undivided attention and focus on you. I’ll dive straight in intuitively to what needs to change and how to do it effectively and in the quickest way (I don’t do long and drawn out resolutions).

We don’t need to dwell in painful and uncomfortable stuff in order to deal with and release it!

You don’t need to know how this happens, you just need to be engaged and wanting the change to happen. Willing to learn and create a whole different experience for yourself.

I work with amazing women to help them stand in their power, at work, at home, socially and in life.

Contact me here and lets have a free initial chat to talk about how you can break free.


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Fancy a Freebie?

How about a little audio for some revelations while you’re on the move? Or a video if you have the time to watch? It’s totally free.

You know already things aren’t great but what to do about it is a total mystery.

I get it!

Have a listen in here to get very clear about your own power, where it’s missing and how this shows up for you at work.

From not standing up for yourself, supressing your ideas and opinions, to worry and anxiety and fear of the boss.

And as for the  not feeling good enough, it’s a minefield of upset, negative thoughts and pain.

It certainly isn’t going to stay this way though is it? Enough is enough.